The job interview 101: The things to do before, during and after a job interview

The article focuses on the job interview. It happens that someone who has a very good CV and has given a good impression to the HR about his achievements, skills, and abilities by his CV alone. But when it comes to the interview, he totally failed. Even if a person has a good grade in school and a very presentable CV but does not know what to do during an interview can lose the opportunity of getting the job. Here then is your needed guide.

There are seven things that you should do when you are preparing for your interview. They are already basic but you may forget them. One of the tips is that go to the interview location ahead of time giving leeway for traffic or other circumstances. Be ready and dressed accordingly also. The second part is the things that you should practice during the interview. Look at this good site here 泰雅旅遊 for some agency. There are nine things that you are required to do in this part and one of them is to be polite and smile.

The next set is the things that you should do when the interview is finished. You should thank the one who gives an interview for you. You can also give them copies of what you had done so they could have a copy. They then can be able to browse this travel agency service 台胞證費用 when they have time to inquire for fees. If it is applicable in your country then make a good and firm handshake showing your intention of being serious to get the job.