How to Choose a Good Font Style

Choosing the best font style is quite time consuming. There are many choices. It could also be easy depending on the purpose of usage. For example, if you encode test questions using the Microsoft Word, you need to choose simple font styles not the too-artistic style of font. What are the simple font styles then?

Calibri , Arial, Candara, Bookman Old Style, Century Gothic, and Times New Roman are some of the simple and clean font styles. These are good choices when you encode some paper works. But, if you want to make a creative invitation letter or any creative output using creative font styles, there are many choices.

Bradley Hand ITC, Forte, Brush Script MT, Comic Sans MS, Curlz MT, Freestyle Script, Kristen ITC, and Lucida Calligraphy are some of the good choices for good font styles. You can choose these creative font styles for birthday invitation letters, wedding invitation letters, and others. Though there are other choices, it may complicate the things you wrote.

Some font styles will make the words or letters difficult to understand. For example, Blackadder ITC, Edwardian Script ITC, French Script MT, Harlow Solid Italic, Gigi, Juice ITC, Magneto, Mistral, and Old English Text. So, these font styles are not recommended for invitation letters. They are too much creative which makes a letter difficult to understand.

So, the best is choose a simple yet creative font style for any letter you want to make. Never choose a font style which is too complicated to read and understand. Simplicity is beauty itself.